Nina Baun


“this is someone pushing the music forward”
Jazz in Europe
“Progressive jazz, pop and soul in a special Danish bottling”
Jazz Special
“…SImply irresistible”
All About Jazz
“Without a shred of intention of leaving us be”
“Innovative Nina” 5/5



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Second solo album by Nina Baun. Released May 20. 2016.    


Written, arranged and produced by Nina Baun. All lyrics available here.


Nina Baun (voc) Frederick Menzies (sax, cl) Jacob Christoffersen (pia, wur) Thomas Fonnesbech (bass) RJ Miller (dr) Victor Dybbroe (perc) Nina Sibbesen (back. voc)


Something is always moving


Debut album by Nina Baun. Released August 22. 2011.

Written, produced and arranged by Nina Baun.


Nina Baun (vc) Henrik Olsson (gt) William Larsson (k, pi) Jesper Thorn (bs) Mads Emil Nielsen (dr) Victor Dybbroe (pc) Martin Stender (sx) Tobias Wiiklund (fl.h)


Danish press wrote:


Torben Holleufer, GAFFA: ★★★★


Carsten Meedom, Diskant: “Jazz, pop, indie og en vokal ud over det sædvanlige”


Niels Overgård, JAZZNYT: “An evocative universe with room for both pretentiousness, intimacy and nearness.”


Gudrun Hagen, ★★★★½


Frederik Langkjær, Undertoner: “Interesting, experimental and well executed”★★★



Music and lyrics are inspired by religious themes and tales in this remarkable constellation of musicians from the Danish jazz scene. The line up with 8 musicians – 5 female and 3 male -, a unique instrumentation and a rare epical musical flavour make this band remarkable.


The man behind this spectacular ensemble is bass player and composer Peter Danstrup, who was nominated as ‘Jazz composer of the year’ at the Danish Music Award 2016 for his work with SACRIFIED.  



In 2009 my colleague and close friend, drummer Magnus Hylander Friis and I got together and started writing and producing songs in a style which was new to us both, yet we felt a close relation and attraction to; a style which by others is referred to as electro-R&B! The work soon developed into a small catalogue of inventive and catchy songs which today is in the process of becoming our first EP.

Installation of an electric stone age


Music and lyrics by Fredrik Rejle (SE)


Debut LP relased Jyly 2016.


Nina Baun (vc) Fredrik Rejle (gt) Carsten Svanberg (pi) Caspar Rask (bs) Nikolaj Dall (dr)






Clara Bryld


On her debut album’On Your Wall’ from 2010 Danish press wrote:

”One of the most talented and whimsical voices belongs to Clara Bryld,”.

Today, six years later, her second album ’Time Turbulence’ is released offering a simpler and more catchy sound, still keeping the instinctive and playful approach.


Clara Byld: music & lyrics. Voice and piano

Nina Baun & Cecilie Friedman: Backing vocals

Jeppe Højgaard: Saxophone & clarinet

Christian Bluhme: Guitars